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Friday, 8 April 2011

We're gonna need a bigger boat!

Sat and watched Jaws again last night for the possibly 1000th time. In my eyes it's the greatest film ever made and certainly my favourite. So I decided to dedicate some drawing time to it, something I'm suprised I haven't done already.
Since it's a sea adventuring tale I've opted for the sailor style tattoo and went along to the theme of Quints lovable song "Fair well and ado to you fair spanish ladies" a song that by simply singing it makes you an experienced shark slayer. The sketch above is a rough idea of what I want the finished thing to look like, I know I want the unlucky spanish maiden meeting her maker in the jaws of a shark. I'm also planning to add a scroll which reads the first line of the song (possibly another below reading the second).
To frame the final image I might opt for either a rope with hook or the bones of a shark jaw.
Finally I think this mother lover needs to be coloured up with ink to add that traditional feel.
Take care and don't go too far into the water.

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