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Wednesday, 6 April 2011


Just started this today for Carl, a guy from California ( I think). He's a good friend of my mother and has sent many a Smores Bar and box of Lucky Charms over, so I repaying him like a true poverty artist and drawing a picture of the guy.
I originally wanted to draw him on a horse as he trains horses and cattle for films and he's really into the civil war, but there's no way I could mix the two and make it look good. Then I remembered he's in a biker gang (that's probably the wrong term to use and it'd probably piss them right off) that's made up of ex marines. So the next idea was to incorporate the cowboy idea with the biker as there isn't really much of a jump between the two. So The plan was to just have a cowboy on a western themed bike (cowprint, buckles, bull horns etc). But as soon as I started the bike I realised how bloody hard they are to draw, especially the angle I wanted it. Each part of the bike had to be drawn otherwise it wouldn't look right, even for a cartoon.
Anyway, above is the final sketch. I was gonna colour it with markers but since I only have a grey marker that's running out, that idea's went down the pan. Secondly I was gonna hand draw the line work then colour it up on photoshop like I used to. But finally I thought fuck it! I'm gonna colour this puppy up entirely on the computer! Something I've never done before so hopefully it'll go well.

Crikey, that's a lot of writing for one sketch!

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