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Thursday, 14 April 2011

Rotten Top.

This is another loose end project that I'm currently in the process of tying up. A hand made paper mache zombie mask.
Starting off with the cardboard backing of an old sketchbook I cut out the shapes I would need then taped them together using some nasty tape that struggled with holding that card together. I then made a mixture of flour and water and started with the shredded newspaper before finishing it off with the toilet roll for the texture. Then about seven month later I got off my arse and painted it and now probably 4 month after that I'm sticking it all together as the eyes and teeth are loose. I'm using an old pair of bright red shorts for the backing of the eye sockets and mouth and gonna try using super glue to hold the eyes and teeth in place. If that doesn't work I'm gonna have to think about what else I could do. Or just leave it for seven month.

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