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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Losing All.

This is the start of an album cover I'm busy working (hopefully still working on as it's been a nightmare project). I've had the line work done for a while now but never found anything to do with it that looks good. It's had numerous different backgrounds and colouring styles. But since working on my portrait I've fell in love with digital painting and decided to give it a go on this and so far I think its working.
My plan is to not have anything to cluttered in the background maybe just a wall with this zombie waitress as the main view point. I also drew this line work to be used as thick black cartoon style but my plans are to just use it as a guide then remove it and using the underneath layer with the bare paint, digitally draw a new and better line work.
Anyway thems the plans, stay tuned to see if it works.

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