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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Illustration Friday.

Well it's been a while since I last entered anything into IF and first time completely with this blog so hopefully the response won't be too harsh. The topic this week is Duet and to be honest nothing popped straight my head, so I just had a quick look through my current sketch book and stumbled across some irregular proportioned wrestling midgets. Wanting to use these characters but not having anywhere to put them I decided that the wonderful people at IF would surely accept them into their community.
I decided to change them from wrestlers to those "cool" guys who rock out at bars whenever a song with the word dragon in the title comes on. I've nothing wrong with metal, but these guys are so damn serious I keep expecting them to burst into flames, transform into a metal studded dragon and fly off to the screech of a guitar. So yeah I guess I'm mocking them a bit but hey it tickles my funny bone and if they're happy then who the hell cares right?
P.S. Also if any of you beautiful Illustration Friday users want to follow my blog feel free. I could use the followers and some beautiful people to follow (in a totally non stalker way!).
Also I took the photo of this on my dogs bed. That's why it looks so dirty. I'm not a hobo.