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Friday, 25 January 2013

Big jobs...

First post of the year so I'll get all ya'll up to speed on the goings on at Costa Del Dante. 
The post I had up here explained my batplan for fame and fortune and so far so good, prints are coming along nicely, stall is imminent and I've plenty of work to keep my hands dirty with.
I'll be hoying up some more stall oriented posts later on in the month (with some glamorous photos of yours truly in a bum bag no doubt, you lucky swines) but this post is purely to spread the word for an upcoming live drawing session I've got coming up.
On the 5th of February I'll be at Urban Outfitters in Newcastle city centre painting some tasty eye treats for all who come, along with Emma H (I'll post a link up to her website when I can), and if that wasn't good enough I'll be painting another permanent piece at a later date.
Anyway, spread the word and I'll see you all there.

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