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Friday, 13 January 2012

Dan Ash HQ

Well, its been a good while since I've done anything with this blog lark and the last few posts have been a bit soppy!
So here I am making a triumphant return!
And letting you know that I might not be on for some time, well, maybe not. I'll see how things turn out.
By some miracle I've managed to blag an exhibition all to myself! I know! And by doing so I've let myself into a whole new world of hurt, I'm grafting my little impish boy tits off trying to make sure that the work I'm gonna be showcasing for you lovely folk is the best it can possibly be! And by the looks of the ideas that are scrawled down in my mysterious book of hopes and dreams, they're gonna be off the flippin' hook!
No doubt I'll be leaking tit bits and sneak peaks when I can so keep you eyes open and I'll be bombarding the lot of you with advertising within the last few weeks leading up to the show!
Apart from that it's all hush hush and under wraps.
Take care,

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