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Thursday, 31 March 2011

The Big Return.

Well here it is, or rather here I am. After what would seem to be a ridiculous length of time I have put down the X-box controller, stepped away from the DVD player and basically removed contact from any form of distraction (for now at least, everyone needs inspiration) and knuckled down to get a proper blog sorted. And with a new blog comes obviously new things to force into the eyes of the unsuspecting public and the curious passer by.
For those (everyone) who didn't follow or even view my last blog. SickFox was,  well, shite. It was only a matter of time before I stopped posting to that blog as it didn't show the artwork I was truly capable of. Not that the stuff I put up was badly drawn but more so it didn't represent what I wanted to get across. Something this blog will hopefully enforce.
Anyway, now that the deep meaning ridden post has been posted lets let the shit hit the fan and spray the internet with my wonderful artistic defecation! (rank!)

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